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Our Story

We started our journey in 2019, during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, we didn’t have many products to sell. But We Started The Website With Few Products Like Mobile Accessories
Our First Product Put For Sale On Website
For almost a year we had no sales. We then started selling fashion products, which resulted in a few website views.
We started selling gadgets and saw an increase in website views.
First Offer We Put On The Website
After 1.5 years of starting our website, we received the first order for this product.
After receiving some attention on Google, we are now getting more views
A few more customers came in, but our monthly sales are still insufficient to cover the website expenses.
“We are facing a significant challenge in gaining the trust of our customers.”
“We launched our app on the Play Store in 2021.”
Our turning point occurred when a famous YouTuber purchased and reviewed the Apple Watch series 8 ultra clone. This garnered us more attention and customers.
“Afterwards, another YouTuber also purchased and reviewed our product.”
“Our customers are now more confident when purchasing products from us.”
“Afterwards, another YouTuber also purchased and reviewed our product.”
“We have received positive customer reviews from our clients.”


financial advisor

Rashid MRk

Founder - CEO


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Shipping all over India

We ship to all states in India. We have all the courier partners.

Low price

Low price and best qquality for our products.

Best Offers

All products have offers (The price include offer).

Secure Payments

Payments are secure with end to end key payments.

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